Live Share Grow for the Holidays: How To Give In Ways That Make A Difference

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Live Share Grow for the Holidays “From Scrooge to coal in stockings, the holidays are rife with historical messages about the importance of giving, sharing, and addressing inequality during the holidays. It’s only in very recent, modern times that this season has turned into shop-til-you-drop obsessive consumerism. I think there’s a tremendous about of change […]

Gratitude, Generosity, Giving

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So, the day that sometimes involves turkey, family, and pumpkin pie is looming on our horizon next week. Some people in our country will have enough to eat. Others will be homeless and without enough. Some will spend all day cooking for family. Others will spend the day serving a meal at a community center. […]

Welcome to Live Share Grow!

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Live Share Grow is a movement for the 100% – for your mom, neighbors, coworkers, students, elders – everyone! We live in a time when the wealthiest one percent of the people has more money than they can spend in a thousand lifetimes . . . and the rest of us are fighting over crumbs. […]