Welcome to Live Share Grow: A Movement for the 100%

Live Share Grow is a movement for the 100% – for your mom, neighbors, coworkers, students, elders – everyone!

We live in a time when the wealthiest one percent of the people has more money than they can spend in a thousand lifetimes . . . and the rest of us are fighting over crumbs.

Fortunately, as Arundati Roy said, “Another world is not only possible, she is already on her way.” Thousands of creative, bold, innovative solutions are happening. We can be a part of this transition from a system of gross inequality to a world that works for all of us.

Live Share Grow is a nonviolent movement to help our society make this transition. Together, we’ll learn how to participate in new ways of sharing and giving, build systems to support one another, and take action to change the unfair practices of “business as usual”.

Everyone is welcome. Tell  your cousin, your boss, the kid down the street, the faculty and students of a nearby university, your church leaders, movement organizers, electricians and plumbers. Send a Bold Invitation to Live Share Grow to your friends and relatives in the 1% and the 99%. We’re a movement that works for everyone . . . and change takes all of us, together.


How It Works . . . For Everyone!

Live Share Grow uses creative nonviolent action to interrupt business-as-usual, invite the 100% to live, share, grow, point to the viable alternatives, and to actively participate in local, sustainable, just, and equitable ways of being in the world. First, here’s what we can start doing today!


Constructive Action: Changing Our Lives and Our Communities

Live Share Grow believes that change starts with each one of us. Being a part of this movement means taking action in our own lives. Gandhi called this constructive program. These are practices that withdraw our participation from old systems of injustice, and instead, place our cooperation and consent into projects and practices that build community wealth, sustainability, equality and justice.

Live Share Grow encourages five fingers of constructive action:

  • localism/local foodLSG PP Slide 5 CP
  • giving and sharing
  • moving your money
  • participation in change (community, movement, civic engagement)
  • renewable energy and sustainability

Learn more about these five constructive actions here.

There are, of course, hundreds more ways to take constructive action to build a local, community-supported economic system that builds equality and prosperity at the same time. We celebrate them all while encouraging everyone to dig deep into these five constructive actions as a starting point. Participating in these constructive action can make a sizable difference in our world . . . and here’s another way that we can catalyze massive change!


Interrupting Business As Usual and Issuing The Bold Invitation To Live Share Grow

Everyday, billions of dollars change hands. Goods are bought and sold. Wall St. opens and closes the stock market. Banks lend and collect money. People borrow and pay back loans. Commerce is part of being human . . . but right now commerce is full of injustice, theft, cheating, and causing harm. We need to change that.

CNV Library 31Live Share Grow uses nonviolent action to actively oppose problems . . . and propose solutions. Remembering Dr. King’s principle of nonviolence: to be against the injustice, but not against the person, we take action together to interrupt business-as-usual and invite our fellow human beings to change their practices to respectful, sustainable, equitable, and life-affirming practices.

Using community conversations, lectures, films, potlucks, book groups, demonstrations, marches, rallies, sit-ins, blockades, mill-ins, visibility actions, street theater, prayer circles and vigils, mindfulness actions, leafleting, and more, Live Share Grow connects our fellow human beings with the truth of the harm done by business-as-usual, and with the viable alternatives that are possible for them to participate in.

We’ll be sharing ways to take action in coordination with people nationwide. Want to help us with that? Contact us!  As we’re building momentum, here’s something you can do right now . . .


Issuing The Bold Invitation
to Live Share Grow

Invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family to Live Share Grow! By issuing the Bold Invitation to Live Share Grow, we offer the 100% a path into a world of caring, connection, compassion, and community.

Rivera Library PD 102We boldly invite you and everyone you know to be a part of Live Share Grow to bring your self and your wealth into the movement, to divest from businesses and practices that create injustice, and to engage with projects that build community wealth.

If you’re a member of the 1%, come home to the human family. Bring your resources with you and offer them to communities to help build new systems. Be a part of the shift toward greater equality. Join with others in the 100% as we work together to create a resilient, vibrant, and life-affirming economy.

If you are a member of the 99%, you’re invited to join with others in building new systems, giving and sharing, and tapping into the abundance of support that we have when we work together.

The Bold Invitation to Live Share Grow is an opportunity to replace an economic system that causes harm, destruction, and suffering; with a culture that supports, affirms, cares for, and uplifts one another. Everyone is offered this Bold Invitation – this is a movement for the 100%.

Share the Bold Invitation to Live Share Grow!



Take the Live Share Grow Pledge!

 To the best of my ability . . . I will Live Share Grow.

I will participate in the five types of constructive action: localism and local food, moving my money, giving and sharing, participating in change, and working on renewable energy and sustainability.

I will withdraw my economic and social support from businesses, systems, and practices that create inequality, poverty, hardship, and ecological harm.

I will share The Bold Invitation to Live Share Grow to my friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens in the 100%.

*Indicates Required

Thank you for being a part of this bold movement to Live Share Grow!