What Is Live Share Grow?

Live Share Grow is a movement for the 100% – for your mom, neighbors, coworkers, students, elders – everyone!

We live in a time when the wealthiest one percent of the people has more money than they can spend in a thousand lifetimes . . . and the rest of us are fighting over crumbs.

Fortunately, thousands of creative, bold, innovative solutions  are happening. We can be a part of this transition from a system of gross inequality to a world that works for all of us.

Live Share Grow is a nonviolent movement to help our society make this transition. Together, we’ll learn how to participate in new ways of sharing and giving, build systems to support one another, and take action to change the unfair practices of the old economic system. Live Share Grow uses creative nonviolent action to interrupt business-as-usual; invites the 100% to live, share, grow; points to the viable alternatives, and actively participates in local, sustainable, just, and equitable ways of being in the world. Here’s what we can start doing today! 

Who Are We?

We are the 100%. Everyone is welcome. Tell  your cousin, your boss, the kid down the street, the faculty and students of a nearby university, your church leaders, movement organizers, electricians and plumbers. Send a Bold Invitation to Live Share Grow to your friends and relatives in the 1% and the 99%. We’re a movement that works for everyone . . . and change takes all of us, together.

Live Share Grow was initiated by Dariel Garner, Rivera Sun and Chuck Collins. Dariel is a former member of the 0.01%, a serial entrepreneur and currently an advocate for greater equality and economic justice. His life story inspired the book, Billionaire Buddha. Rivera Sun is an author, activist, nonviolence trainer, and strategist for nonviolent movements for change. Chuck Collins gave away a fortune at a young age and has spent the rest of his life working for greater economic equality. Most importantly, we’re human beings just like you. Read our stories here. 

Why Does This Matter?

How’s the economic system working for you? According to the statistics, probably not too well. Research shows that 46% of Americans are struggling to pay our bills, keep the lights on, a roof over our heads, and food on the table. In the United States, every 36 seconds, someone dies of poverty and poverty-related social conditions. One out of three Americans will die of wealth and income inequality – which makes our economic system the leading cause of death.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be a member of the 1%, your bank account is skyrocketing to astronomical proportions never before seen in human history . . . but you aren’t getting any happier. This study shows that having enough makes humans happy, and then it’s all downhill from there. It’s lonely at the top. Wealth is extremely isolating. It can wreck relationships, feel like a burden, and separate you from others.

The system isn’t working for any of us. It isn’t working for the 99%. It isn’t working for the 1%, not in terms of what really matters. And it sure isn’t working for the Earth, which is in deep ecological trouble.

What Can I Do?

Here’s the good news!  There are thousands of creative, viable alternatives to the current economic system. Your fellow human beings have been very innovative, courageous, and persistent in building new ways of sharing our resources, taking care of one another, and increasing the resilience of our communities, businesses, and society.

Live Share Grow Icon 3_edited-1Live Share Grow is a movement to connect the 100% to these beautiful and bold ideas. We invite you (and all of your friends) to Live Share Grow by engaging in constructive action and participate in these exciting new ways of relating.

We also encourage you to join us in using nonviolent action to replace the old economic system that causes harm, destruction, and suffering; with a new culture that supports, affirms, cares for, and uplifts one another.

We invite you to share The Bold Invitation to Live Share Grow with your friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens in the 100%. Everyone is welcome.


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